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Our Veterinarian Wants to Help You Protect Your Pet from Potential Poisons

Posted on 03-04-2013

Here at Emergency Veterinary Services of St. Charles we are more than happy to help owners protect their pets from toxins that might prompt visits to the animal hospital. Here are some com...

Holiday Pet Safety Dos and Don’ts: Learn How to Keep Your Pet Safe

Posted on 12-04-2012

Every December, our St. Charles animal clinic sees an increase in pet emergencies thanks to holiday food and decorations. With the hectic holiday season well underway, our veterinarian is ...

“Anti-Skunk” Tips from Your St. Charles Veterinarian

Posted on 09-27-2012

When a skunk sprays his distinctive defensive spray, everyone knows it -- in fact, the smell can carry for up to 20 miles. When your pet becomes the target of a frightened skunk, he can sp...

Heatstroke Has Serious Consequences

Posted on 08-02-2012

This summer has been a hot one all over Illinois. Just imagine having to live through this heat with a fur coat on—constantly. With the recent heat wave, our St. Charles emergency vet has seen ...

Our Emergency Vet Warns of Common Household Poisons

Posted on 10-07-2011

Our veterinarians often encounter frantic pet owners whose beloved pets have ingested some sort of household toxin. In order to ensure your pet stays safe from poisons, we recommend all pet owners mak...

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