Our Veterinarians

Lynette D. Greenwood, DVM

Dr. Lynette Greenwood has been involved with animals all her life. Since she was a young child, she was passionate about horses. Her parents knew, from the moment she crawled to her brother’s toy rocking horse and fell asleep in the saddle, that she would be involved with equines some day. At age 11, her parents bought Lynette her first mare, which she later trained and competed with in hunter-jumper events, and eventually she made it to the thoroughbred racetrack. There, she learned firsthand how to care for equine aches and pains. The books of James Herriot sealed her fate as the future Dr. Greenwood set off to become a veterinarian.

While being the youngest in her class, she graduated with Cum Laude honors from The Ohio State University in 1986, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree and Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. She moved to Chino, California, where she completed an internship in equine surgery. She worked at a mixed large and small animal practice in Half Moon Bay, treating animals from small sea lions to large bison that starred in “Dances with Wolves”. Her husband’s physics career brought her back to the Midwest where she began to specialize in small animal emergency medicine. In 1992, she became partner at Emergency Pet Care Center, which she bought in 1998 and converted into Emergency Veterinary Services. Her willingness to see that every patient is cared for and every client is educated brings joy to her staff and colleagues.

Dr. Greenwood is an advocate for quality patient care and comfort. She enjoys educating our clients and giving them options to best care for their pet. When she’s not saving lives, Dr. Greenwood shares her life with her husband, two beautifully handsome sons, her one-of-a-kind black lab Beau, and a “small herd” of retired race horses.

Marsia D. Wojcikowski, DVM

Dr. Wojcikowski graduated from The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1986 in the same class with Dr. Greenwood. She’s always had a passion for farm animals, but she has focused primarily in small animal medicine throughout her career. She’s been an amazing part of our veterinarian team here at EVS for over 17 years. Her attention to detail and the dedication she gives to each case both continuously educate our staff and bring comfort to our clients.

Dr. Wojcikowski lives with her husband on a quaint little farm in Dakota, IL where she has raised both traditional and white peacocks, two horses, countless chickens, several kitties, and two dogs. She enjoys organic farming and spending time with family.

Lisel KB Ruterbories, DVM

Dr. Lisel KB Ruterbories attended Colorado State University to receive her degree in Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Ruterbories also has certification and training in acupuncture and medical massage. In addition, she graduated in 2010 with a Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences. She’s always had a passion for animals, the connection between people and their animals, the Human-Animal Bond, and helping them through difficult times. In addition, Dr. Ruterbories has a special interest in imaging, surgery, and the ability of acupuncture to help heal the nervous system.

Dr. Ruterbories loves spending time with her family! Whether hanging out at home or going out and about to the barn, pumpkin farms, or the theatre, she spends it with her loving husband, beautiful daughter, 3 dogs, cat, and horse.

Management Team

Susan Kinney, Practice Manager, VT

Compassionate is a word that doesn’t begin to describe the wonderful person we have in Susan Kinney. Since 1993, she has dedicated her career to supporting and enhancing the lives of animals in need here at EVS. Her desire has always been to work with a team of skilled and caring professionals that put patient care first. She specializes in providing comfort to our geriatric patients who need extra love and support to carry toward a successful recovery. Most importantly, Susan leads our team of technicians and patient care coordinators, encouraging each team member to challenge themselves to be at their best when our patients need them most. On her off time, she loves to relax with a good book and cuddle her own furry babies: Walter, Pi, and Phinneas!

Client Care Coordinators

Carrie Oliver, Client Care Coordinator

Carrie is one of our newest team members here at EVS! She has brought joy and energy to our staff as well as commitment to patient care. She began her journey into the medical field on the human side, obtaining certification as a nurse assistant. After having her first son, she decided to switch gears and explore veterinary medicine. The most exciting part of her job is being able to make a difference in the lives of animals in need and enhancing her knowledge to become a skilled veterinary technician. She enjoys spending time with her two boys and her furry babies, 9 year old Nemo (kitty) 3 year old Roxy (Plott Hound), and her newest addition Gemma!

Christina Vazquez, Client Care Coordinator

Christina has been an amazing addition to our client care coordinator team! She began working in the veterinary field in 1999, focusing in primary veterinary care. She decided to transition into emergency medicine because she enjoys challenging herself and working in a fast-paced environment.

Christina enjoys providing care for those who cannot speak for themselves. With knowledge and experience, she knows we can all make a difference for the patients who depend on us. Christina and her family adopted Peacha, a young Vizsla mix. Peacha initially lived with Christina’s god parents, but they thought she might do better with a young family who had the time and experience to socialize and train her. Now, Peacha is a model of good manners and frequently accompanies Christina to work.

Nursing Staff

Maureen Carey, VT

Maureen is the spirit of our nursing team here at EVS. She’s been devoted to patient care since 2000. Although Maureen enjoys providing medical care for all of our patients in need, her gift best serves those families who are saying goodbye to their furry baby. It’s always difficult to watch a loved one pass away, and it’s not something that anyone can prepare for. Maureen helps clients ease into the process and gives them closure during their difficult time. We are blessed to have someone on our team who is truly skilled in showing remorse and empathy toward those in need. Maureen loves to spend time with her family and friends. She has several pets: dogs Zuzu and Annie, kitties Oliver and Ellie Blue, and two doves (Sweetie BaBa and Pidge).

Tammy Hopkins, RN, CVT

Tammy has been an amazing part of the EVS team for four years. She graduated from Parkland College in 1998 with a Certification in Veterinary Technology. She continued her academic journey to become a Registered Nurse though Elgin Community College in 2013. She enjoys working with animals, and she’s fascinated by the science behind veterinary medicine. Her understanding of ethics and morality guides our mission to continuously deliver quality care. Tammy’s experience in both veterinary and human medicine aids us in incorporating compassion and empathy into our daily duties for our patients and their families. Tammy enjoys spending quality time with her two children, her dogs (Miles and KC), and her cat Lenny who keep her life filled with joy.

Kimberly Digilio, VT

Kim has been an outstanding member of the nursing team here at EVS for over 13 years. One of Kim’s many skills that stands out is her ability to communicate effectively to clients and convey information that they need to care for their pets after hospitalization. Her favorite part of her job is learning something new every time she works, which allows her to grow as a young professional. She chose emergency medicine because she liked the fast-paced environment, and it gave her the ability to spend quality time with her family. Kim’s furry babies Junior, Howie, Farley, and Willow keep her and her three adorable children busy.

Nina Uzunyan, VT

Nina graduated from Moscow State University in Russia where she studied soil science and microbiology. While a student, she visited many remote places in expeditions related to her research project –White Sea Biological Station Teberda Nature Reserve (Caucasus) Black Sea (Crimea) and other beautiful places; worked in different scientific laboratories, including biochemistry, genetics of microorganisms, and medicine diagnostics. Since childhood, she’s been taking care of animals that had lived with her family, and among them, cats –Mishka, Antonio, Marchello, and Maine Coon Berserk Jotunheim. Recently, Nina helped publish a book, “Stories from Cat Lives,” that was written by her grandmother. With this animal friendly background, she likes the intense and interesting work at EVS. Nina rejoices in helping to save lives of pet patients. At home, Nina enjoys reading books about wild life, evolution, and history of fine arts. She adores her family, her husband, daughter, and son, as well as “pocket” pets in her country house.