August 2016


Meet Tauri, a 15 week old female intact Toy Poodle. Tauri arrived early Sunday morning with a blood glucose too low to read. She was laterally recumbent and crying out periodically. As many babies, Tauri had difficulty regulating her body systems. With just a bit of supportive care and time, Tauri is given a second chance at growing strong like her 2 big sisters. Go be strong, Tauri!

July 2016


Meet Minnie – a 9 year old female intact DSH cat. She arrived on Sunday afternoon during lunchtime. Minnie had not eaten for 2 days. She was diagnosed with a pyometra and was taken into surgery to remove the infected uterus. Dr. Lisa Murray and staff worked tirelessly to save Minnie’s life, as her body started to be taken over by the infection. Removing the uterus saved her life and now Minnie is back home being loved by her family. What a good girl, Minnie!

June 2016


Meet Bentley – a sleek, 4 year old male neutered DMH cat. Bentley was brought into EVS Sunday afternoon depressed, recumbent and with a baseball sized bladder (a blocked male cat!). With Dr. Murray’s careful attention and the staff’s compassionate care, Bentley was unblocked and medically treated overnight. He was then transferred to his daytime veterinarian for further care. Bentley’s mom is so grateful that we had started the ball rolling for his recovery. Bentley is now acting like a normal cat again! Good job, Bentley!

May 2016


Meet Lulu – a beautiful 6 year old female spayed Belgian Malinois. She arrived at EVS on a Tuesday night laterally recumbent. Lulu’s owner had a terrifying experience watching Lulu go from vomiting to not eating to running around, slamming into furniture and becoming poorly responsive in a short period of time. Dr. Lisel and staff worked quickly to recover Lulu and support her through the night. She went to her daytime veterinarian in the morning for further supportive care and workup. Lulu recovered and is now at home with her family again, loving life.The most likely cause of her symptoms is a toxin, however she had no known toxic ingestion.

April 2016


Meet Rosie – a beautiful 7 year old French Bulldog. Late Saturday night, Rosie was transferred from her referring veterinarian where she had had a gastrotomy/enterotomy to remove 2 black plastic pieces, a large ball of string, and a sharp edged foreign body that almost perforated the intestines. She was febrile and dyspneic post-op and therefore needed hospitalization. Dr. Lynette Greenwood and staff cared for and medically supported Rosie, as her body worked to heal itself. Maureen especially, as seen in photo, took a liking to dear Rosie. She recovered well and is doing fabulous! Stay away from those sharp objects, Rosie!

March 2016


Meet Gunner – a handsome 7 ½ year old French Mastiff. At 1am on a Tuesday night, Gunner was found heavily drooling and not acting himself. He had been A-OK at bed time. Gunner was rushed into EVS where GDV was diagnosed (BLOAT!). Dr. Lisa Murray and staff, Jen and Kim, cared for Gunner through decompression of his stomach and gastropexy. Gunner was transferred to his daytime veterinarian in the morning for continued post-op care. Gunner’s family is overjoyed to have their happy and healthy dog back! Good job, Gunner!

February 2016


Meet Charlie – a spunky and sweet 10 year old Toy Poodle/mix. Charlie was brought into EVS on a Friday evening after being attacked by a coyote. He gave his family quite a scare when he came running into the house yelping. Charlie was in a lot of pain with puncture wounds on both flanks. Dr. Lisel KB Ruterbories and staff worked hard to relieve pain and repair the wounds. Charlie’s gray fur grew in black where the wounds were – a reminder to be careful outside. Stay away from those coyotes, Charlie!

December 2015


Meet Stanley – a loving and spirited 10 year old miniature dachshund with diabetes. He came into EVS at 12:30am, early Saturday morning just a few days before Christmas. He had had a seizure, worrying his human family badly! Stanley was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) – a very scary complication of diabetes. Through the nurturing care of EVS doctors and staff over the following couple days, Stanley pulled through and made a full recovery! Good Boy, Stanley!!!

November 2015


Our staff has just fallen in love with Hawkeye and his family. This handsome boy was hit by 2 cars in one accident witnessed by his mom. He immediately ran to, and jumped into, the front seat of the family car, as if to say, “we need to go to the emergency room right away.” Dr. Lingner quickly assessed Hawkeye and identified he was suffering from a collapsed lung, bruising of his lungs, bleeding around his lungs and into his abdomen, a large wound along the back of his right elbow, and multiple fractures of the left rear leg. He has made a remarkable recovery and visits us frequently; always with a wagging tail and a kiss for anyone ready to accept. He is the sweetest and gentlest dog and we are so happy for him and his family that he has done so well.

We love you, Hawkeye!

October 2015


Caesar is a big, handsome, sweet ball of fluff who was very naughty and ate part of a toy that became lodged in his small intestine, requiring surgical removal. His Mom, Dad, and two girls were very worried about him, as was his doctor, Dr. Lingner, because he was so sick before surgery. But, this remarkable boy made a quick and full recovery! He came for a visit and was an entirely different boy–full of life and energy–we were all very happy to see him doing so fantastic! No more eating toys, Caesar!

September 2015


Meet Toby–he is just a baby and absolutely adorable! Toby came to see us late one night in September. He was very sick and almost unresponsive with a very slow heart rate, drooling, vomiting, and diarrhea. Toby had likely eaten a toxic type of mushroom and needed prompt and specific veterinary care and gentle nursing care–Dr. Marsia and nurse Maureen were right there ready to go for Toby. Toby made a full recovery and recently his family came to see us (after Toby visited the spa and got a new sweater!) and thank Dr. Marsia for the excellent care!

August 2015


You would never know it by his energy and exuberance for life, but Max is almost 13 years old. This summer, he was sunbathing in the very tall grass of his family’s field. His dad was using the large 50″ mower, and never saw Max hiding in the tall grass, when he accidentally partly backed over Max. Max underwent an massive reconstructive surgery with Dr. Marsia, spent the weekend with EVS, and then continued extensive bandage care with his family veterinarian over the next 6 weeks, but we are thrilled that his family has kept us updated and Max is doing fantastic! Max’s mom and dad wanted to be sure we spread the word to always check your surroundings when mowing (or snowplowing) when you have pets!

July 2015


Guinness (posing with mom) is an amazingly kind and gentle soul; a dog with a thoughtful expression who seems to understand what you say, think, and feel, and who seems only to want to comfort you even when she was the one who was so very sick. At the end of July, Guinness had undergone a life-saving surgery at her family veterinarian, but subsequently developed life-threatening post operative complications. Her family went through an emotional roller coaster of tough decisions. Over the course of 6 days, Guinness received intensive, round the clock care, including a blood transfusion. She was finally discharged from the hospital, but still needed some excellent home nursing care from her family. Her family, including her sister (who did not want to pose for the picture!) recently came to visit us. We are thrilled to report Guinness is doing remarkably well. The entire hospital staff was ecstatic to see her and feed her treats and give her back scratches and kisses!

June 2015

Silly Nugget

Silly Nugget visits the ER service rarely, but when she does, she likes to make it count. As a young girl, she suffered a broken pelvis and hip in an accident and had to have surgery. She has been young at heart since, but carries a reminder with her unusual walk. Silly’s next visit was an early morning in late June. She had become suddenly very ill at home with severe vomiting and diarrhea and arrived at EVS in shock. Her guardian angel Dad was very worried about her–they’d been family for 15 years! Silly was treated aggressively with IV fluids, pain control, and antibiotics and she made a full recovery. Recently, Silly came to visit us and tell us all about her newest pursuit of mastering the underwater treadmill at rehab. Silly Nugget will be turning 16 years old soon and we wish her the happiest of birthdays!

May 2015


Dude came to us at Emergency Veterinary Services for a urinary tract infection. His loving owners were certain that he might have a blockage. After trying a few days of antibiotics, unfortunately, Dude returned to EVS with a full urinary blockage. After days of hospitalization, love and care, Dude was able to go home with medications for his urinary health.

We wish you the best of luck Dude!


In November of 2014 at the age of 18 months, we had the pleasure of meeting Brennan. This beautiful golden boy went out to play as normal but came in and his back leg was very lame and bent in ways it shouldn’t have been. Brennan rushed to Emergency Vet Services of St Charles. After doing some X-rays, it was determined that he had severe hip dysplasia in both hips, with one completely dislocated. It was decided to transfer him to Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove, where he was on continuous pain medicine for the next couple days. The options were total hip replacements or FHO’s (Femoral Hip Ostectomy). Due to his age and size, Brennan’s family opted to go with the FHO.

The first FHO was successful and then rehab started, in the middle of the winter. Once his stitches were out I took him swimming 2-3 times a week to build muscle, in both hips, because surgery would be needed again. The recovery went well, and he had his second FHO May 21, 2015. Brennan managed to pop those stitches, sending him back to us at EVS. Through it all, he has maintained his sweet, gentle disposition. Brennan is always ready to give kisses and has a very strong “I can do it” attitude. We love you Brennan, and we wish you a successful and speedy recovery!


Diesel came to Emergency Veterinary Services with an injured tail. Even though he was very painful, he remained in good spirits! With pain management and rest, Diesel was able to get back to his normal self.

Take care of yourself Diesel!

April 2015

Dakota “The Red” Duke

Dakota is a wonderful boy who presented to us at Emergency Veterinary Services with abdominal discomfort and panting. X-rays revealed that Dakota was suffering from a bloated stomach. His loving family elected to move forward with emergency surgery.

Although Dakota is an older boy, he had an amazing recovery! He was up walking, eating, and sharing his love with our staff hours after surgery. We wish him and his family continued success and happiness!

Love you Dakota!


From his bubbly nature and gorgeous smile, you would never know that Grady was ever experienced a bad day. Grady presented at EVS with an upset stomach. Dr. Lingner examined Grady, and while palpating his abdomen, she felt a large abdominal mass. Xrays were taken and confirmed a splenic tumor. Grady’s parents elected to have emergency surgery performed to remove the spleen.

Today, Grady is doing great! He’s back to his normal self, smiling and having a good time. Grady’s tumor biopsy came back with no sign of malignancy! We wish his family all the best!

Take care Grady!

March 2015


Lulu is one of the most darling patients that we have ever cared for here at EVS. She presented with abdominal pain and discomfort earlier this month. Dr. Greenwood evaluated Lulu, performing a series of tests to pinpoint the source of Lulu’s pain. Dr. Greenwood discovered on x-ray that a foreign body that was trapped in Lulu’s intestinal track. Unfortunately, this darling girl needed surgery. After hours of surgery and several days of recovery, Lulu is back to her bright and bubbly self!

We are so glad we could be there for you and your family.

Stay gorgeous Lulu!


Daisy Mae is the sweetest girl! She presented to us at EVS with loud stomach sounds and vomiting. Dr. Greenwood took xrays of Daisy’s abdomen to determine if there was an obstruction. The radiographs revealed that Daisy indeed had a foreign body obstruction and needed emergency surgery.

During surgery, a toy corncob and other materials were removed from her stomach and intestines. After days of recovery and much love, Daisy Mae is doing great now, eating and playing like her normal self.

Stay adorable Daisy Mae!

February 2015


Gunnar is one puppy that continues to charm us with his irresistible smile and endless affection. He visited Emergency Veterinary Services last summer with a prolapsed urethra, which he recovered from nicely! Nearly 6 months later, Gunnar would visit us again! This time, Gunnar was admitted for a severe bite wound injury to the neck. Dr. Lingner provided Gunnar’s care, which consisted of conducting a surgical procedure to close the wound, administering pain and antibiotic medication, and prescribing medications to go home. Applying ice to his wound was a very important step in the healing process. After resting comfortably and receiving his treatments overnight, Gunnar was able to go home with his mommy the next day!

Today, Gunnar is feeling great! The wound healing process is nearly complete. Soon he will have his sutures removed and be back to his normal self!

January 2015


Diva is a pure-bred Rottweiler. She just turned 3 years old (January 19th) and she lives with her Rottweiler buddy Briggs. Her name perfectly suits her, as she snubs the dog bed and prefers to sleep on the couch and partake in other such behaviors! Diva has competed in and won many conformation dog shows (that we affectionately call “beauty pageants”) and is an AKC champion. She has also competed in and received qualifying scores to earn two obedience titles.

Diva loves all people from young to old, and gets along great with other dogs too. She has always been a very friendly, happy girl. When Diva began to act extremely sullen and refused to eat or drink, a call went into Emergency Veterinary Services. Dr. Marsia Wojcikowski discovered that Diva was suffering from a pyometra (infected uterus), which led to invasive surgery. After days of hospitalization, love, compassion, and several kisses, Diva is feeling better and is taking doggy steps toward a speedy recovery!

Happy Belated Birthday Diva!

November 2014

Miryam Le Chat

Miryam Le Chat, also known as Mimi, was admitted to Emergency Veterinary Services for hypoglycemia and malnutrition. She was a darling little puppy who needed intensive care. One of our staff members, Megan Henley, adopted Mimi and cared for her through her more difficult days. Now, She’s bright and bubbly! She is the official greeter of EVS and loves to play with dogs of all sizes. We are glad to have her smiling face around.

Love you Mimi!